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Reception 1st March Home Learning

Date: 28th Feb 2021 @ 4:02pm

Monday 1st March 2021


We hope you all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine!

This is your last week of home learning, you can do it ! 😊

Take this week to revisit anything you might have found tricky over the last half term.



Reading – How many Humpty words can you find in your books?

Reminders – Please contact the School Office if you would like to change your reading books.

Oxford Owl eBooks Class login - sto1 Password – 1234

  • Phonics – 

Our new sounds - 'ch, sh, th, ng, qu, ai, ee, oa, igh, long & short oo, ar, or, oi'

Today’s new sound is ‘ow’ - Watch Polly’s video to tell you all about the sound.

Please revisit any of the sounds which you might have find tricky. 😊

Can I sort the ‘long and short oo’ and ‘ar’ pictures?

Can I read and find the matching words?

Can I write the 'oi' and 'ow' words?

See activities attached.

Reminder for phonics games go to - Phonics Play  – Login - Jan21 Password - home


  • Handwriting – Fine motor development.

Can you join in with the ‘Crocodile Snap’ song? 

This week we are practising writing our numbers from 0 - 9.

Watch these number rhymes to help you form them correctly. 

Have a go using your whiteboard or paper. 


The Humpty words of the day are – be, were, was, said

 Can you spot these words in a reading book?

Can you write the words?

Can you think of a sentence for these words? Can you say the sentences out loud?

Can you write your sentence?



Can I listen to the story, pausing it throughout to discuss what is happening in the story?

Using the images in the activity attached. Can I talk through the story? (You might want to get props to help you retell the story too, e.g. a little boy, tree, star, rocket.)

Can I read the first sentence of the story?

Can I write it out, chop it up into words, mix them up and order it again independently?


Maths – 

  • Counting Practice – 

Can I count to 100? 

Can I match my teen number cards to the amount cards by using my careful counting?

  • Consolidation – In Reception we need to revisit and rehearse all number facts to secure understanding.

Can I revisit the number 10? (See attached.)

Can I find the matching numbers to the amounts? (See attached - use your number cards.)

Can I watch this number blocks episode and help to spot the different patterns?

  • Spring Term 1 Consolidation

Watch the White Rose Maths Video Hopscotch Number Recognition.

Can I complete the activity attached? (Try with the hopscotch with numbers to 10, then try with the teen numbers too.)



Topic Time

RE – We are thinking about our topic of gathering in RE.

Have a look at the pictures attached and see if you can discuss the questions together. They are all about people coming together at church to listen to God’s word and learn all about his teachings.



https://buggyandbuddy.com/watercolor-art-activity-kids-inspired-catch-star/ - Follow these instructions to make a water colour night sky picture.


Reception Story Time

Make your own reading den and watch the story.  It will be uploaded to Seesaw.

Have a great day of learning 😊

Year 2 Home Learning - 1st March 2021

Date: 28th Feb 2021 @ 2:24pm

Monday 1st March 2021

We hope you have all had a great weekend. We are very excited to have you back in school next week so remember to work really hard this week ready for when you return. Each day this week please try and post at least one piece of work onto SeeSaw – we really enjoy seeing what you have completed at home.


This week you will still have some Fairtrade activities and these will be posted at the bottom of the blog.


We will explain the structure on here each day but please refer to the additional uploaded documents for each specific lesson guidance and resources.



It is ESSENTIAL that children continue to read every single day. This should be for a minimum of 20 minutes.


Reading challenge – making a prediction. Before you start a new book can you write down or tell an adult about what you think the story might be about. Use the clues from the front cover, any illustrations, the blurb and the title.


Resources for questioning your child while they are reading - VIPERS



This week in Maths we are learning about lines of symmetry.

Starter – Writing numbers on a number line.

You will need a ruler (or something you can draw a line with), number line or hundred square and a pencil.


I would like you to draw a number line and place these numbers on it correctly. I will put 2 on to start you off.


Now answer these questions:

  1. How did you sort the numbers?
  2. How did you know which number came next?
  3. How does the number 51 show it is the biggest number?
  4. Tell an adult about the tens and ones in the numbers?

This week our lessons focus on lines of symmetry and symmetry of shapes.


What is Symmetry?



When we think about symmetry the most important thing is that on either side of the line the shape looks the same as the other. They are the same. If the shape does not look the same on each side it does not show symmetry.


For your lesson today please click to watch the video link and complete the attached worksheet.



We have uploaded an additional document named 'CHALLENGE'. This is only intended as extension work to challenge and push your learning. You are not required to complete this sheet.



Myself and Miss Bennison walked into the classroom this morning and found a letter next to a glue stick. Take a look at the front of the letter.