Science Ambassadors

We are the Science Ambassador Team. We were chosen to be Ambassadors because we are very interested in Science and we want to share our interest and knowledge with others.

We also manage Whizz, Pop, Bang! This is a science magazine for children. Two children are chosen every week to take a magazine home. They can read it and learn new things. They can also choose an activity to do or a model to make and they write about it in the Whizz, Pop, Bang book. There are some really brilliant experiments and activities in our books!

“It’s really fun running the Science breaktimes. We can see that the children who participate like it a lot!” Harry M Y5

“We help everybody learn about Science – and we learn too!” Henry C Y3

“It’s great to be a Science Ambassador because we trey new things.” Neeve A Y5

“We love it because we can do activities that we may not be able to do in class. “ Jack Be Y6

Maybe you’d like to be a Science Ambassador? Speak to Mrs Quilliam if so.

Whizz Pop Bang - The awesome science magazine for children 

Whizz, Pop, Bang Autumn 2022





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