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At St Oswald's we aim for all our children to enter Key Stage 2 as confident and fluent readers. We aim to foster a love of reading in all our pupils and for them to read for pleasure well beyond Key Stage 2. 

In our Early Years Foundation Stage, children at St Oswald's are taught the sounds made by individual letters, digraphs (where two letters make one sound such as ‘ch’) and trigraphs (where three letters make one sound such as ‘igh’). They learn to segment words into their sounds such as c-oa-t and to blend them back together again to enable them to decode words they have sounded out. Phonics provides the building blocks for our early readers and writers. 

In addition to this, our children learn to instantly recognise by sight the 100 high frequency words or tricky words. Some of these words are decodable such as ‘and’ whereas others are what we term ‘tricky’ (i.e. they are not decodable using phonic knowledge such as ‘one’). Learning these high frequency words enables the children to access texts and reduce the working memory load when approaching an unknown text.

In Key Stage 1, we continue to develop the children’s phonics knowledge by introducing further digraphs and trigraphs including alterative pronunciations for sounds already encountered.  We integrate our phonics learning with our teaching of writing. By the time children move to Key Stage 2 (KS2), we want our children to be confident to read and write independently. 

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Autumn 1        Autumn 2        Spring 1       Spring 2      Summer 1      Summer 2


Autumn - EYFS


Starting School

By Allan Ahlberg

A45887FF-018C-4ABA-9F98-9CD399CF40B6.jpegThe Three Little Pigs

 By various authors


Sue Hendra

D81C02A2-FB1E-4459-A475-B6A983046344.jpegMichael Recycle

Ellie Bethnal


Kipiper's Birthday

Mick Inkpen


Elmer Stories

David McKee

5474A8B6-1C9F-4A69-87A9-DF071D817FD4.jpegNinja Nan

Hollie Hughes and Natalie Smillie

3550EE22-1783-48FD-9D0F-6362978DE08F.jpegThe Jolly Postman at Christmas

Janet and Allan Ahlberg


Spring - EYFS


Julia Donaldson

D56E440F-8FE8-4F95-8588-AD1C54B786F5.jpegSelected Poems

Julia Donaldson


Oliver's Vegetables

Vivian French

012F5B0D-2125-4ED3-A342-D84464507C7D.jpegJack and the Beanstalk

Various authors



Julia Donaldson



Smeds and Smoods

Julia Donaldson



Tad : A big story about a brave minibeast

Benji Davies


Summer - EYFS


The Dinosaur Department Store

Lilly Murray


The Queen's Hat & The Queen's Handbag

Steve Antony


The Journey

Neil Griffiths 


Supermarket Zoo

Carl Hart

6B636107-D6C0-4CF6-B862-8E1740C02C02.jpegCommotion in the Ocean

Giles Andreae


We all went on Safari

Laurie Krebs



At St Oswald's we follow the Red Rose letters and sounds framework alongside a range of resources to engage and develop phonics knowledge and early reading skills in our youngest children. 





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