At St Oswald's we use the art national curriculum programme of study as the framework for our art curriculum.  We am for our pupils to enjoy and express themselves in art whilst developing the capacity for imaginative and original thought. The Early Years Framework is the foundation for these skills.


Children are taught technical and creative skills in sketching, painting, collage, sculpture and digital media. Opportunities to work with a wide variety of appropriate media both in two and three-dimensional form are planned throughout the art curriculum. Children learn to evaluate their own work and that of others. Throughout the school, children develop the ability to value the contribution made by artists, artisans and designers.


The structure of our art curriculum ensures that children are able to develop their knowledge and understanding of the work of artists, craftspeople and designers from a range of times and cultures apply this knowledge to their own work. The consistent use of children’s sketchbooks means that children are able to review, modify and develop their initial ideas in order to achieve high quality outcomes. Children learn to understand and apply the key principles of art: line, tone, texture, shape, form, space, pattern, colour, contrast, composition, proportion and perspective. The opportunity for children to refine and develop their techniques over time is supported by effective lesson sequencing and progression between year groups. This also supports children in achieving age related expectations at the end of their cohort year.







Antoni Gaudi - Collage

Jubilee Sketching in Year 1

Egyptian Art in Year 3

Antoni Gaudi in Year 3

Cityscape in Year 5

Bury Art Museum 

Sculpture in Year 6

Mosaic Art in Year 4



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V&A Resources for Teachers

The British Museum

The National Gallery

The Tate

Bloomsbury Curriculum Basics: Teaching Primary Art and Design by Emily Gopaul 2017

The Primary Art Class

The Arts in Primary Education


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