Eco Team


Hello, we are the Eco team!



I'm Artie, I love nature and I made a bird box which is now in our school playground.

I'm Phoebe, I also love nature and I pick up rubbish.

I'm Dylan, I will keep the school clean.

I'm Nora, I am going to encourage people to reduce, reuse, and recycle. 

I'm Ezra, I want to make the world a better place. 

I'm George, my duty is to make our school eco friendly. 

I'm Harry, I like planting trees and plants. 

I'm Holly, I want to take care of the environment. 

I'm Xabier, I'm proud to be a member of the Eco Team. I know we are going to do great things. 

I'm Miss Smith, I know that we have a dedicated team who really care about our world. We will be planning and doing lots of things to help our school become even more environmentally friendly. 

Let's Care About the World: Gwendolyn's List for Living | The Legacy Project



2023 Agenda

The Eco Team have been meeting this half term to plan an eco activity for each month next year. 

Here is our plan:


January - We will hold a no electicity day in school.

February - We will have a paper free day in school.

March - We will hold a walk to school week where we will encourage everybody who can to walk to school and to their local shop instead of using the car.

April  - We will plant some wildflowers and strawberries in our nature area.

May - We will help each class to take part in some litter picking around the school grounds and the local area. We will also give each class a box to put their crisp packets in, these will then be recycled. 

June - We will help the school to celebrate World Ocean day. We will raise awareness of plastic pollution in the ocean and ask each class to resuse plastic to create some art.

July - We will ask children to bring in old school uniform to swap ready for the new school year in September.

September - We will ask children to bring in old Halloween costumes to swap ready for Halloween in October. 

October - We will ask children to bring in old Christmas jumpers to swap ready for December.

November - We will appeal to everybody in school to use environmentally friendly wrapping paper and Christmas cards. 

December - We will collect hats, scarves, gloves, blankets and warm coats and donate them to the local homeless shelter. 

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T: 01772 613402