Year 6 Blog Friday 31st March 2023

Date: 31st Mar 2023 @ 1:02pm

Welcome to our Year 6 blog.

On Thursday, we had a super time celebrating World Book Day with a special assembly about Tyrus Wong, the Chinese American immigrant who was responsible for the creation of Disney’s Bambi. Please see the pictures of the great outfits on our Year 6 gallery.

On Friday, Year 4 surprised us with a visit to show their excellent adventure stories based on Adolphus Tips. We then showed our persuasive adverts to buy a house – super writing by all! Please see the pictures on the Year 6 gallery.

We have attached a new online safety guide 'What Parents and Carers Need to Know about Age-Inappropriate Content'. Please Read.



For the last week of orienteering (weather depending), please bring in extra trainers (preferably old ones) that you do not mind getting dirty and a plastic bag to keep them in.


Our learning in Year 6 this week:

  • In Maths, we learnt to work out mode, median, range and mean in a set of data. We also practised how to convert length, mass and capacity with different reasoning questions.
  • In English, our main character, Michael, and his family have recently moved to a new house with an estate agent showing them around. We used this to learn formal persuasive ways to speak and become an estate agent to sell a fictional house.
  • In RE, we learnt about Jesus’ journey through Holy Week, discussing how He must have felt and why Jesus sacrificed himself. We then created an information page about what happened.
  • In PE, we used our school grounds map (created by cross curriculum orienteering) to find hidden letters around the school to form the secret message. We made sure we orientated the map correctly all the way around the course.
  • In History, we investigated the Maya timeline by plotting events in chronological order. We learnt where and when they lived and the main events that happened during the Maya era.
  • In French, to round off our learning about the geography of France, we read a classic French poem, Dans Paris by Paul Eluard. We then wrote togetherin the same style. - Dans Longton. The children's pronunciation of new French words is impressive - great phonics, Y6. 
  • In Science, we completed the investigation involving burning crisps to see how much energy they contain. The children then used the results to say what they had found out and to evaluate the investigation, explaining how it could be improved. You would be amazed how much black smoke comes off one crisp - most off-putting!


Home Practice all relates to this week’s learning. These are the tasks needed to be completed:


  • Please keep reading every day to build up stamina. A great idea is to read 20-30 pages a day (you can read more) in one sitting, as this will build up your ability to read at length for long periods of time.


Spellings (challenge words)

  • Sumdog (Year 6 Sp 2 wk 7 Challenge words 3)

average, awkward, correspond, forty, interrupt, lightning, occur, relevant, sacrifice, excellent, recognise, sincere, sufficient, variety, vehicle

The main spellings will be the ones above, but as we are consolidating our learning of spelling strategies and spelling rules, Sumdog has included these 5 below in the online challenge.

(according, bargain, develop, equip, physical)

Maths challenges:

  • Counting:
    • This week, please practise counting in 90s and 900s
    • For example, start at 2 360 and count up to 2 960 and back again
    • 2 360, 2 450, 2 540 etc           2 960, 2 870, 2 780, etc 
    • Also, start at 8 800 and count up to 17 800 and back again
    • 8 800, 9 700, 10 600, etc 17 800, 16, 900, 16 000, etc


  • Sumdog (Squared and cubed numbers)
    • This challenge will help recognise squared and cubes numbers. Remember – squared numbers are numbers multiplied by itself twice (3 squared = 3 x 3; 4 squared = 4 x 4)

Cubed numbers are numbers multiplied by itself three times

( 3 cubed = 3 x 3 x 3; 4 cubed = 4 x 4 x 4)


  • Sumdog (Volume using cubes and formula)

This week, use your knowledge of times tables and the volume formula (length x width x height) to solve the questions quickly. Some will be word problems so try not to rush them – aim for accuracy.




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