Year 6 Blog Friday 4th November 2022

Date: 4th Nov 2022 @ 3:36pm

Welcome to Year 6 weekly blog.

For our first week back after half term, Year 6 have been working very hard and have remembered the importance of being of being good role models for our school. This was evident as a few of our Year 6s led St Oswald’s All Saint’s Mass on Tuesday.

This week, we had two visitors to our class. On Wednesday, Gareth Walker visited, who is a Sports Journalist with over 20 years’ experience of working on National Newspapers and founder of Literacy Kicks. He will be working with Year 6 to help teach them how to be a Sports Journalist over the next six weeks.

On Friday, Father Michael visited us to discuss how he became a priest and what it means to commit yourself to your faith. The children asked super questions and learnt a great deal. Thank you for visiting us, Father.


This week’s learning in Year 6:

  • In Maths, we have been improving our fraction addition and subtractions strategy by using common multiples. We also looked at various strategies to work out multiplication questions mentally.
  • In English, we completed Clockwork by creating our own alternative ending, which had to include suspense writing tools: short sentences, different senses and exciting vocabulary.
  • In RE, we completed our topic of ‘Vocation and Commitment’ by interviewing Father Michael about being a priest and how he was ordained.
  • Our ‘Mountains’ topic in geography continued, with research into three tectonic disasters (volcanoes, tsunamis and earthquakes) which the children will present next week.
  • In PE, we concluded one invasion games topic (Tag Rugby) by evaluating our performance in small game of 4 v 4. We also started a new topic through the sport of Hockey, where the same strategies and tactics (of Tag Rugby, Netball and Handball) will be used, but with the added skill of holding and running with a stick.
  • In French this week, we looked at how to say the sound 'an/am/en/am' then we began learning to read, pronounce and write weather phrases. 
  • In Science this week, we used our knowledge of the characteristics of invertebrates to create our own new species. We challenged a partner to classify our newly-discovered creature, giving their reasons why. Then we used natural materials to make a collage picture of our new invertebrate.


Home Practice

Please try to complete the following tasks by next Wednesday:

Reading – Use your Home Reading to read every night for up to 30 minutes. You also have a Reading Journal/Diary that must be used for the title of the book and any reading challenge chosen.

  • You may change your book any day between Monday and Wednesday


Spellings (Spellings of Autumn 1)

  • Sumdog (Autumn 1 mixed spellings wk 6)
    • politician, magician, electrician, optician, musician, technician, Egyptian, vision, session, decision, permission, compassion, expression, progression, impression.

Maths challenges:

  • Counting:
    • This week we have been counting in whole number steps of 50, 90 and 900. Try to do the same out loud or with paper.
    • Draw a line with some marks on it like I do in class. You could write the numbers as you count up or down, then double check it to make sure you have said the correct numbers.
    • g. Start with different numbers and count up 10 times then back again in 50s:

233, 283, 333, 383, 433, 483, 533, etc

and in 90s:

233, 323, 413, 503, 593, 683, 773, 863, etc               

Start at a different number and count up 10 numbers and down again but this time in 900s:

740, 1640, 2540, 3440, 4340, 5240, 6140, 7040, etc     


  • Sumdog (Times Tables A2 wk 1)


  • Sumdog (Multiply whole numbers and decimals)
    • These questions are practice of the work we have done recently. Work through as many as you can as they will help hugely for next week’s learning.


Maths Training

For further maths work, please visit the ‘Maths Training’ section which you can find in the tasks box on the left of the main screen. This will enable your child to push their learning further with the skills that Sumdog has given them, following the diagnostic test, which they completed in the first week of school.



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