Year 6 Blog Friday 29th April 2022

Date: 29th Apr 2022 @ 3:41pm

Welcome to our Year 6 blog. This week we worked in groups to create our own sporting activities to help us prepare to become mini coaches to the infants. Year 3 were kind enough to let us test each one out, with some giving great feedback to help us make them even better. At golden assembly, Mrs Stone’s dance crew performed their routine for the competition brilliantly, and although they did not get through to the finals, they showed they were a credit to St Oswald’s.


Also, Year 6’s learning this week:

  • In Maths, we have been improving our learning of 2D shapes and used that knowledge to help with perimeter, area and coordinates. One main area we have been improving is fractions of numbers and percentages of numbers.
  • In English, we have focused on our descriptive writing, and learnt how to better use similes and personification to create a more detailed image for the reader.
  • In PE, we learnt how to improve the accuracy of throwing and catching within cricket and how to perform the basics of batting. Also, as mentioned above, we designed our own sporting activity to help improve the fundamental movements of the infants, during future lunch times.
  • In Music, we learnt the National Anthem and the platinum jubilee song. We sang and performed two action songs. We also played ukuleles revising the chords A and C from last lesson, and now starting to learn chord G.
  • In French, we learnt les points cardinaux – the compass points. Then we used the map of France to find places or features that are in each part of France and wrote sentences about them in a hexagon-shaped book, because France is known as l’hexagone.
  • In Science, as part of our topic on Evolution and Inheritance, we practised the ‘working scientifically’ skill of explaining the method used to test the strength of egg shells. If the egg shells aren’t strong enough, the species may not survive. Then we evaluated our investigation to decide how reliable our results were. After this, we did some research about how birds have survived while other dinosaurs have died out.


Home Practice all relates to this week’s learning. These are the tasks needed to be completed:

  • Reading – Continue to read every night for 30 minutes. It is important to keep reading, right up until the end for the year.


  • NO SPELLING LIST THIS WEEK (We will be recapping our knowledge of the Year 5/6 spellings). Next week’s test will be on a random 15 spellings from this list so please look through those which you need to practise on.


  • Sumdog challenges:


  • Coordinates
    • This challenge will help you notice coordinates in all four quadrants. We have looked at these in detail on Friday so this will help to cement that learning.
  • Simple and Progressive Verbs
    • This challenge will help you practise the simple and progressive verbs that we have been learning about this week.


Online Safety Update


This week's Online Safety Update is all about age-appropriate content online. Children can chance upon inappropriate content in various ways, from pop up ads to TikTok or YouTube videos. In this guide you will find tips on a number of potential risks such as social media, gaming and adverts.


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