Year 6 Blog Friday 18th November 2022

Date: 18th Nov 2022 @ 10:50am

Welcome to Year 6 weekly blog.

This week has been our fabulous residential to Robinwood in Todmorden. We all had a super time. Click the link - Robinwood 2022 – to see some of the pictures. Also, look out for our Robinwood video coming soon on our YouTube channel, St Oswald's TV .

Our highlights included:

  • Accurately firing an arrow in archery
  • Crawling through tight spaces in caving
  • Using our strength and coordination to combat indoor climbing
  • Finding the courage to release the wire on the giant swing
  • Working together creatively to solve the dungeon challenge
  • Using our senses to navigate through the night line blind folded
  • Developing great communication skills to solve the quest challenge
  • Building confidence to head down the large zip wire

The children have been a credit to the school this week and we hope to build on the 12 qualities learnt at Robinwood:

Responsibility, cooperation, confidence, resilience,

Patience, respect, support, listening,

Developing skills, problem solving, encouragement, communication


Our learning continued on Thursday and Friday with:

  • Maths – we have learnt to accurately use the grid method effectively with large numbers and begun to find fractions of amounts.
  • English – we learnt how to write a detailed letter so we could thank Robinwood for our fantastic time there.
  • Science - we recapped what we learnt about microbes last week, then researched ways of preserving food to slow down the growth of microbes. We used this knowledge to predict which foods will grow mouldy the quickest, giving reasons for the order we predicted.  We will watch what happens to the various food items over the next few weeks!  Safety: All foods will be kept in sealed bags.
  • Art – having researched the flags of the World Cup, we designed our own flag using the skill of cutting materials to make a collage.
  • RE – we began our new topic of ‘Expectations’ where we discussed different scenarios, and the expectations we have of ourselves and what others expect.



Home Practice

Please try to complete the following tasks by next Wednesday:

Reading – Please read up to 30 minutes a night and complete your reading task.

  • You may change your book any day between Monday and Wednesday



  • Sumdog (A2 wk 4 -ant, -ance)
    • assistant, assistance, arrogant, relevant, important, importance, appearance, extravagant, hesitant, reluctant, nuisance, hindrance, ignorance, resistant, restaurant.


Maths challenges:

  • Counting:
    • This week we have been counting in steps of: 20 000, 200 000 and x 2. Try to do the same out loud or with paper.
  • Draw a line with some marks on it like I do in class. You could write the numbers as you count up or down, then double check it to make sure you have said the correct numbers.
  • g. Start with 5 digit numbers and count up 10 times then back again in 20 000s:

43 654, 63 654, 83 654, 103 654, etc

and in 200 000s:

43 654, 243 654, 443 654, 643 654                

Start at a different number and count up 10 numbers and down again but this time in x2:

9, 18, 36, 72, 144, 288, 576, 1 152, etc    


  • Sumdog (Times Tables A2 wk 4)


  • Sumdog (Factor pairs linked to division)
    • Remember that a factor is a number that divides into a number, leaving no remainders. 42 ÷ 7 = 6 and 42 ÷ 6 = 7, so both 7 and 6 are factors of 42. In fact, 7 and 6 are factor pairs – which is what we have looked at these past few days.


Maths Training

For further maths work, please visit the ‘Maths Training’ section which you can find in the tasks box on the left of the main screen. This will enable your child to push their learning further with the skills that Sumdog has given them, following the diagnostic test, which they completed in the first week of school.



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