Year 5 - Friday 6th May 2022

Date: 6th May 2022 @ 1:13pm

Welcome to this week’s Year 5 class blog

This week in year 5


In Maths, we have concentrated on properties of shape.  The children have a much deeper understanding of angles within triangles and quadrilaterals. They can find missing angles when given limited information.  They are also able to work out perimeters of shapes that have been made by joining 2 different polygons together.

In English we have finished our book The Adventures of Adolphus Tips.  Again, the children were gripped until the end.  I always enjoy their reactions when final pieces of information are given and they cheer or gasp. They have spent this week finalising their extended written piece, including their exciting part or dilemma and their ending.  They have all worked really well on these and should be very proud.

In Science, this week the children were botanists.  They have been learning lot about asexual and sexual reproduction in plants and this week they were able to facilitate plant reproduction through vegetative propagation.  They took cuttings from two different plants and planted them in compost, they planted seeds and one child brought a runner from their spider plant in and we were able to re-pot that.  The plants and seeds are now all in our school greenhouse, along with some strawberry plants that we will be taking care off and hoping to see runners sprout from them.  Mrs Quilliam, our resident science expert, spoke to the class this week and questioned them on their plant knowledge and she was suitably impressed.

In RE the children continued to look at transformation.  We read and discussed the scripture of Paul on the road to Damascus and how this transformed his life.  We also looked into how he went on to transform the lives of others.

In Geography, this week we continued our topic on the UK.  We looked at old maps of Lancashire and how they were set out and then used DigiMaps online to look at maps from the 1800s, up to present day.  We observed the geographical differences in our local area over this time and were able to locate a number of places we recognised, including Chapel Lane and how it may have been given its name.  They then went on to look at OS symbols and their meanings and used coordinates to locate landmarks.

In PE the children continued to develop their cricket skills.  They split into groups of four and practised batting, bowling, fielding and being backstop.  Then two teams joined together to from four teams that played a tournament to apply these skills.


Common exception words have been sent home and the final test for these will happen before the end of the summer term.

Online Safety Update

Lately, we have seen a huge increase in the number of children accessing the Roblox gaming platform. This includes children in our infant classes. This week's guide dives into what to expect your children to find when they use Roblox including any potential risks they may meet. These risks include in-app purchases and chatting to strangers online.


Home Practice all relates to this week's learning - These are the tasks to be completed.

Reading - You all have a Home Reading book for year 5 so reading every night for 15-20 mins is essential. You also have a Reading Journal/Diary that must be completed and signed. Some children had a break from reading over the holidays but please ensure this is made a priority now that we are back at school.  Practise is vital to improve in all areas of English.

You can change your reading book on any school day (book bags to be left on Mrs Mulgrew's desk)

Maths – please ask your child what their times tables target is and help them practise this in order for them to progress.

I’d also encourage you to do a daily count with your child.  This week we are counting up in 0.4. Give the children a number to start from and they must continue to count from that number in 0.4s, either forwards or backwards.  It often helps the children if they note down the numbers as they say them, it helps them work out the next number more easily when they can see it. Help them use bridging where appropriate to count on e.g. 4.8 + 0.2 = 5, then add the other 0.2 to get to 5.2.

Spellings words spelled with ’ie’ after c. We will look at these in more detail in school next week, they should be practised at home, ready for the test on Friday. 

deceive conceive receive perceive receipt protein caffeine seize either neither weird seizure heinous being deceit

Don’t forget the children have a big list of Common Exception words to learn, these can be practised each week to push your child further.  You should all have received a second sheet with these words on by now, I have highlighted the words that your child wrote correct in a spelling test before Easter. This will give you an indication of how well they are remembering these spellings. We will be assessing the children on these words before summer.

Sumdog challenges


Please encourage your child to complete the Maths and Spelling Training.  As you know, we set weekly challenges that are linked to the learning that takes place in school.  As an extra feature, the maths and spelling training sections will provide a tailored challenge for your child to practise skills, facts and words they find difficult.  Once the diagnostic challenges have been completed Sumdog will set challenges to aid improvement and development in the appropriate areas for your child.  Once you have completed the class challenges, please use this feature for extra challenge in both maths and spelling.  Many children have still not completed the diagnostic section.

Times tables have been set to reflect class targets

Maths the children have been set activities relating to properties of shape

Spellings words spelt with ei and pronounced ee

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