Year 5 - Friday 1st July 2022

Date: 30th Jun 2022 @ 6:20pm

Welcome to this week’s Year 5 class blog

This week in year 5


In Maths, we have been completing a number of assessments.  The children have been working on their arithmetic and reasoning skills.  They have also been given some bike related maths activities to complete whilst taking part in bikeability.   

In English we have continued Varjak Paw, he has now found our 6 of the skills needed to help him get a dog to save his family.  We have met a particularly nasty character called Sally Bones, we wrote a diary entry as her and her encounter with Varjak.

We have had some lovely outdoor learning this week.  We had our Bikeability sessions and the children worked really hard. They also had a ‘wild weaving’ session, I’m sure you all got to see the children’s fantastic wreaths and crosses that they brought home on Wednesday.  They worked so well together and collected some lovely flowers and leaves to help them create their fabulous pieces. They also planted their sunflower shoots into the ground, so hopefully they should flower in the coming weeks.

In RE the children have looked at their role as a steward and how they can be a steward in our world and help sustainability.  We created a sustainability tree with ideas of how we can help keep the earth safe and create a positive future for it. We also attended church on Wednesday for the Mass for St Peter and Paul.  The children behaved very well and remembered their knowledge of St Paul whom we studied earlier this year.

In French, we wrote sentences about sports saying who you play with, what equipment is used, where it is played and what to wear to do the sport.  Our friends had to guess which sport we had described.

In Music, the children have been practising songs from Joseph and will be bringing home song sheets to practise at home.

In PE the children did lots of cycling skills throughout the first part of the week.  During our PE lesson on Thursday we practised our tennis technique.  They children threw a ball to their friend who had to use a tennis racket to knock it back to them.  Once they had improved their aim when returning the ball, they started to play with two rackets.  We then played a game where the teacher hit a ball to them and they had to return it, within the playing area.  If they missed the ball or the ball went ‘out’ they had to join the teacher and became ball catchers.  If they caught their friends out they were allowed to re-join the game.  They had a really great time and developed their skills.


Home Practice all relates to this week's learning - These are the tasks to be completed.

Reading - You all have a Home Reading book for year 5 so reading every night for 15-20 mins is essential. You also have a Reading Journal/Diary that must be completed and signed. Some children had a break from reading over the holidays but please ensure this is made a priority now that we are back at school.  Practise is vital to improve in all areas of English.

You can change your reading book on any school day (book bags to be left on Mrs Mulgrew's desk)

Maths – please ask your child what their times tables target is and help them practise this in order for them to progress.

Spellings words homophones and near homophones. We will look at these in more detail in school next week, they should be practised at home, ready for the test on Friday. 

advise advice device devise which witch practise practice bear bare aisle isle aloud allowed who’s whose

Sumdog challenges


Please encourage your child to complete the Maths and Spelling Training.  As you know, we set weekly challenges that are linked to the learning that takes place in school.  As an extra feature, the maths and spelling training sections will provide a tailored challenge for your child to practise skills, facts and words they find difficult.  Once the diagnostic challenges have been completed Sumdog will set challenges to aid improvement and development in the appropriate areas for your child.  Once you have completed the class challenges, please use this feature for extra challenge in both maths and spelling.  Many children have still not completed the diagnostic section.

Times tables have been set to reflect class targets

Maths the children have been set activities relating to angles.

Spellings words homophones and near homophones

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