Year 4 Home Practice 29th April 2022

Date: 29th Apr 2022 @ 2:59pm

Year 4

Home Practice 29th April 2022

Welcome to this week’s blog. Another busy week in Year 4 – here’s what we have been learning …

In English, we wrote a book review of Kensuke’s Kingdom.  In addition, we started our new novel ‘The Amazing Story of Adolphus Tips’. We studied the cover of the book and read the blurb to find out what the novel would be about, then discussed some of the similarities with Kensuke’s Kingdom.

In Maths, we learnt how to mentally divide numbers using partitioning.  We then learnt the written method of division, called chunking.  Some of our answers had remainders and some didn’t.  We found this tricky, but so much easier if we are confident with our times tables.

In RE, we read the story of Peter and John who were given the courage to speak out about the Good News of Jesus, even when they were threatened. Following this, we worked in groups to prepare and present a short drama about an aspect of life today when we might be afraid to speak out.

In Science, we made and evaluated a model of the water cycle.  We drew and labelled a diagram and then provided an explanation of our model.

This week in French we practised reading short texts in French and finding information. Then we painted a background for our Matisse-style picture that we will add collage shapes to next week.

In Music, we enjoyed singing outside to ‘Crazy Moose’ (composing our own verses) and ‘Hands on my head’.  We then improved our glock playing by listening and copying the notes D and F. We finished the session by learning our Platinum Jubilee Song and recapping the ‘Mambo Cup’ rhythm from last half term.

In PE, we practised and developed our throwing and catching skills.  We then used these skills to play mini games of cricket. Well done Year 4 – you worked well to improve these skills and you have worked brilliantly in your groups.

In PSHE, we discussed the importance of feelings and how they can be expressed in different ways, for example: colours – such as feeling blue, tickled pink etc, temperature – such as cool as a cucumber and images – over the moon and shaking like a leaf. 

This week’s Home Practice ….


Please read for 20 minutes each evening to an adult at home.  Make sure you discuss the story and the characters.  Find the meaning of any new words too.  Reading every night will help you read more fluently and with understanding. 

Times tables

You have been given your own individual times table target.  Please make sure you continue to practise your times tables in preparation for your test next week, on Thursday (5th May 2022). Ask someone at home to test you on your tables – can you recall them quickly and accurately?  

Remember - you can also practise your tables playing ‘Hit the button’ and

It is crucial that you learn all of your table facts as this will help you with many aspects of maths.


This week, please practise counting in hundredths (0.01’s) – draw a line and some marks on it like I do in class. You could write the numbers down as you count up.  When you count down, cover the numbers up, say the number, then reveal what you have got written down to check you’ve said the correct number.

Count in hundredths

For example, start at 4.23 and count up to 4.35 and back again

4.23   4.24   4.25             4.35  4.34   4.33     etc

Start at 17.94 and count up to 18.11 and back again

17.94   17.95   17.96         18.11   18.10   18.09  etc


The spellings this week all have the suffix ‘cian’. A suffix is a group of letters that are added to the end of the word, and which change the meaning or make a new word.  ‘Cian’ is usually used if the root word ends in a ‘c’ or ‘cs’.   You will be tested on them next Thursday (5th May 2022).

magician       musician       mathematician       electrician   politician

physician      optician       technician              beautician    dietician

statistician  clinician       magicians               musicians     paediatrician

Sumdog challenges

You have been set 3 challenges on Sumdog:

  • A spelling challenge based on the spellings above
  • A times table challenge based on the 3, 6 and 9 times tables
  • A maths challenge based on using place value and known facts to multiply and divide mentally.

Please make sure you log on and have a go! Many of you are still not accessing Sumdog on a daily basis. Little and often is the key to success!

Number bonds

Number bonds are very important and help with many aspects of maths. The more confident you are with these, the easier you will find addition, subtraction, mental calculations etc.  Therefore, please continue practising your number bonds / addition skills playing Hit the Button

The game you will play will help with your number bonds and quick addition skills. For example:

8 + 6               you could partition this into         8 + 2 + 4 = 14

This is because 8 + 2 is a pair to 10, then add the 4 to 10

Click on the link above, then on Play Game.

Click on Number bonds

On the left-hand side you will see the words ‘Up to 20’

Click on Addition within 20

See how many you can get correct in 1 minute. Then have another go and try and beat your score.

Maths and spelling training

Please continue to use the maths and spellings training sections as these are tailored for your child to practise skills, facts and words that they find difficult.

Online Safety Update

This week's Online Safety Update is all about age-appropriate content online. Children can chance upon inappropriate content in various ways, from pop up ads to TikTok or YouTube videos. In this guide you will find tips on a number of potential risks such as social media, gaming and adverts.

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