Year 4 HOME PRACTICE 13th May 2022

Date: 13th May 2022 @ 1:36pm

Year 4

Home Practice 13th May 2022

Welcome to this week’s blog. Here’s what we have been learning this week …

In English, we planned and wrote a formal letter to Grandfather, urging him to support the war effort and move out of his home in Slapton.  In addition, we wrote a postcard from Barry, one of the evacuees, to his mother in London planning every word carefully.

In Maths, we learnt how to subtract fractions when they have the same denominator (bottom number). We also refined our mental addition and subtraction skills using the strategy of bridging through 10. Knowing our pairs to 10 and being able to partition numbers confidently helped with these strategies.

In RE, we listened to the story of St Paul and learnt about his conversion to Christianity on the road to Damascus.  Following this, we made links between the places Paul visited and the names of the people he wrote letters to. We also read a passage from one of St Paul’s letters. We chose our favourite part and explained how we could follow this example in our everyday life.

In Geography, we used ‘Digimaps’ and labelled a map to show the features of our local coastal area.  

In French, we had a go at writing a description of our picture in the style of Matisse . There was a lot of grammar to think about - adjectival position and agreement and using conjunctions to help our writing flow. Bon effort, year 4

In Music, we rehearsed the National Anthem and Platinum Jubilee Song.  On the glocks, we recapped ‘DEFinitely’, reading and explaining notation for notes D, E and F.  We then improvised using notes C, D and E to play ‘Roundabout’. Finally, we started learning how to play ‘What’s up?’ reading semibreves, minims, crotchets and their rests.

In Art, we learnt some sketching and shading skills. We then attempted to use these when sketching a picture of Queen Elizabeth.  We will be refining these skills next week and producing a final pencil sketch of the Queen.

This week’s Home Practice ….


Please read for 20 minutes each evening to an adult at home.  Make sure you discuss the story and the characters.  Find the meaning of any new words too.  Reading every night will help you read more fluently and with understanding. 

Times tables

You have been given your own individual times table target.  Please make sure you continue to practise your times tables in preparation for your test next week, on Thursday (19th May 2022). Ask someone at home to test you on your tables – can you recall them quickly and accurately?  

Remember - you can also practise your tables playing ‘Hit the button’ and

PLEASE REMEMBER – You will be taking part in the Multiplication Tables Check in June.  It is crucial that that you learn your tables as they are needed in many maths topics.


This week, please practise counting in 7’s and 70’s – draw a line and some marks on it like I do in class. You could write the numbers down as you count up.  When you count down, cover the numbers up, say the number, then reveal what you have got written down to check you’ve said the correct number.

Count in sevens

For example, start at 7 and count up to 84 and back again (this will help with your 7 times tables)

7  14  21               84  77  70     etc

Count in seventies

For example, start at 70 and count up to 840 and back again.  This is just like counting in your 7 times tables, except each time, the number is 10 times larger.

70  140  210         840  770  700 etc


The spellings this week all have the suffix ‘ssion’. A suffix is a group of letters that are added to the end of the word, and which change the meaning or make a new word.  ‘Ssion’ is usually used if the root word ends with a double s (express becomes expression) or ‘mit’ (admit becomes admission).   You will be tested on them next Thursday (19th May 2022).

expression   discussion    confession    permission   admission

impression   obsession     procession   omission       succession

profession    oppression   progression  aggression   depression  

Sumdog challenges

You have been set 3 challenges on Sumdog:

  • A spelling challenge based on the spellings above
  • A times table challenge based on 7 to 12 division facts
  • A maths challenge based on using known facts to multiply and divide

Please make sure you log on and have a go! Many of you are still not accessing Sumdog on a daily basis. Little and often is the key to success!

Number bonds

Number bonds are very important and help with many aspects of maths. The more confident you are with these, the easier you will find addition, subtraction, mental calculations etc.  Therefore, please continue practising your number bonds / addition skills playing Hit the Button

The game you will play will help with your number bonds and quick addition skills. For example:

8 + 6               you could partition this into         8 + 2 + 4 = 14

This is because 8 + 2 is a pair to 10, then add the 4 to 10

Click on the link above, then on Play Game.

Click on Number bonds

On the left-hand side you will see the words ‘Up to 20’

Click on Addition within 20

See how many you can get correct in 1 minute. Then have another go and try and beat your score.

Maths and spelling training

Please continue to use the maths and spellings training sections as these are tailored for your child to practise skills, facts and words that they find difficult.

Online Safety Update

Age ratings can be used by adults to make an informed choice as to whether a game or platform is suitable for their child. 

Below you will find our guide with tips on a number of potential risks including inappropriate content, peer pressure and online spending.

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