Year 4 Blog Friday 26th May 2023

Date: 26th May 2023 @ 3:50pm

Year 4 Blog

Friday 26th May 2023

Welcome to the final blog of this half term. We have worked hard over the past 5 weeks and are ready for a rest before the Summer Term continues. Here is a summary of our learning this week:

In English, we wrote our own powerful descriptions of the grotto of the fire fiend. We tried to use noun phrases and ambitious vocabulary in our writing. We also investigated the features of an instructional text and then wrote our own set of instructions about how to make a firework. We made up our own name for the firework, as well as some wild and wacky ingredients - we hoped it would be a firework Lila (from the novel) would be proud of. 

In Maths, we named and learnt the properties of different quadrilaterals. We discussed their sides and angles and tried to include the words perpendicular, next to and parallel as appropriate. We also used geoboards to make different quadrilaterals and then drew them in our books.

We also practised our tables outside playing ‘Times Tables Masters’.  Have a look at some pictures of us enjoying our learning in the sunshine.

In RE, we finished our topic ‘New Life’ with a ‘Respond’ led by 4 children. We reflected on our learning from the topic and considered how we could spread the Good News at school and at home.   

In French, we recapped the parts of the face that we learnt last week then showed that we understood the vocabulary by reading some descriptions of faces in French and drawing to match.

In Science, we learnt about the volume of sound and how volume is affected by the distance from the sound source. We related it to practical examples from our lives, for example, the ice cream van sounds louder when it gets closer!

In PE, we practised our net / wall skills. First, we tried bouncing a tennis ball gently on our tennis rackets. Then we practised returning the ball to our partner. Take a look at us in action!

In Geography, we created our PowerPoints highlighting the impact of climate change on our local environment.  We made ensure they were informative, bright and colourful and include geographical vocabulary.

In PSHE, we started our new topic by posing the question - How can our choices make a difference to others and the environment? We watched a short film about ocean plastic pollution and the effect on our world environment. Then we defined single use, limited use and extended use plastic. Finally, we placed different plastics into these different categories

As it is half term, there is no Home Practice. However, please try and

  • read every single day as this really helps to unlock your learning
  • practise your times tables and number bonds

You can practise times tables and number bonds using Hit the Button / and White Rose 1 Minute maths.

We hope you have a great half term break and look forward to seeing you again on Monday 5th June 2023.

The Year 4 Team

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