Year 2 Blog Friday 23rd September 2022

Date: 23rd Sep 2022 @ 1:04pm

What Autumn Tells Us About Life and Work: There's a Time to Bring Something  Good to an End | Sheridan Voysey

We have had a very busy week of learning in Year 2. A huge well done to everyone for listening so well and working so hard. In English, the children have worked on using joining words (conjunctions) to extend their sentences. They have written some great sentences using and, but, or, because, when, that and if. They have also written super stories based on our book, Flat Rabbit by Bardur Oskarsson. In Maths, they have been finding 1 or 10 more/less than a given number and comparing numbers. The children have thought about what God’s dream for them might be and decorated a star in RE. They made birthday cards and sang ‘Happy Birthday’ in French. Mrs Whitworth played her saxophone to the children during Music time and they thoroughly enjoyed it. The children learnt about habitats during our Science lesson and drew a picture of their favourite animal in it's habitat. They thought about why it was a good place for the animal to live.


In Year 2, children should read for at least 15 minutes every night and talk about the book. This will help with understanding the text and learning new words.

You could write down these new words in a word book and find out what they mean. It is amazing to see the list grow, something to be very proud of, especially when children realise how many more words they understand and can use!

Please date, sign and leave a small comment when you have read with your child and make it clear that you have finished a book, then we know we can change it. For Example - 14.09.22 Max’s Box. Read to page 6, really enjoying the book or good sounding out of tricky words or struggled with the word – because/finished the book. MG.

Reading books are changed every Wednesday. You will receive 2-4 books depending on their length, they should last the week, if you read a little each night. However, if you need to change a book at any other time, we will change it as needed.

Reading resources:

Oxford Owl – This resource has an exciting range of carefully levelled books to help children learn to read and really enjoy it.

If parents and children decide to use this resource, we ask they access phase 5 books. Go to and select ‘my class login’. Scroll down to the ‘eBook Library for Letters & Sounds’. You could also explore the rest of the site and read books from the Oxford Owl eBook library or listen to audio books.

Username: sto2

Password: 1234

Resources for questioning your child while they are reading -

In addition to this, reading a good bed time story to your child is so worthwhile and really helps towards a lifelong love of reading.


Please practise these spellings for your quiz on Friday (30.09.22). A sheet will go home every Friday with the spelling list on. This is for home practise only and can be kept with you.

It is useful to write the words down on the spelling sheet, but also to call the words out and spell them out loud using the letter sounds or names. Learn them in a different order, not just how they appear on the list below.

You will have a Sumdog challenge on these words to complete by next Friday 30.09.22.

This week’s spellings:

wheel               graph

whizz               flew   

whirl                screw

when                their

phew                could


At home, count forwards and backwards in twos, starting from 2 or 40. Write them down as you say them and see what patterns you can spot. Are they odd or even numbers? For a challenge count past 40, see how far you can go!

You will have a 2x tables, and 1 or 10 more/less than challenge on Sumdog to complete by next Friday 30.09.22.


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Have a lovely weekend.

Year 2 Team.


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