Year 1 Blog - Friday 24th May 2024

Date: 21st May 2024 @ 5:20pm


Half Term Stock Illustrations – 102 Half Term Stock Illustrations, Vectors  & Clipart - Dreamstime

Welcome to your Friday blog.

Home Practice

Phonics - are (air sound) words OR i_e words OR ay words

Maths - telling the time

Counting - Count in 2s, 5s and 10s starting at different numbers, 12,22,32 and so on.

Reading - Please try to read each night, it makes a big difference!



Some of us have been learning how to use different suffixes and prefixes in our writing.

Some of us have been finishing our Enormous Crocodile stories.

We also made a card for all the staff at Martin Mere.


Some of us have been revising a as in space, ay as in tray, ai as in chain and a-e as in cake.

Some of us have continued to learn the air spellings:are in spare, eir in their and ere in where.


We started to learn how to tell the time. We made o'clock and half past times on our own clocks.


We continued to read the story of Pentecost but delved deeper into how the disciples might have felt as the Holy Spirit came. We made paper plate faces to show how they felt and then identified the different symbols that represent the Holy Spirit (a dove, wind and flames).


We learnt about how to identify different trees, especially the ones that we have on our school grounds. We started by understanding the difference between evergreen trees and deciduous trees, then we focused on using their leaves to identify which tree it is in particular. We went outside into the nature area and made our own tree bark rubbings to celebrate the varying types of trees that we have.


We made our own maps of Martin Mere. We learnt how to draw our own key to make our maps more simple and easy to read.

Forest School

We remembered all the rules about how to be safe around a fire. We made s'mores. They were so good!


As a school we are going to take part in a celebration of everything nature has to offer. This is an initiative set up by The Wildlife Trust. In June, we will be providing opportunities for all children to experience and learn about the wildlife on their doorstep, helping to nurture happier, healthier children, and create allies for our precious natural neighbours.

Martin Mere

We had a very enjoyable day at Martin Mere. We impressed our leader with our knowledge of mammals. We looked at some real otter teeth and learned why they are so sharp. We learned how moles and otters have adapted to their habitats. The otters came out to see us when the rain eased off-they are brilliant swimmers and we learnt this is due to their body shape and the way their fur lies.

We played some games, in one of the games we had to rely on our other senses because we were blind-folded. In another game we found our animal families and made the noises those animals make, some of us were amazingly good at animal noises!

We went for a walk in the Eco Garden. We spotted many different plants- we knew the names of some of them.

We observed flamingos, ducks, moor hens, storks, swans and spoonbills as we walked around.

Then it was time for the pond dipping. We listened carefully to the instructions and then we started dipping. We found pond snails, water boatmen, leeches, pond skaters and a newt!

We closely observed what we'd caught and identified many of the creatures. 

After lunch we had time in the play area.

We went into an hide and observed the birds. We also enjoyed spending time in the aviary where we saw different species of birds.

The Martin Mere staff commented on our fantastic golden listening and our manners. We showed resilience and a positive attitide in the rain-It didn't dampen our experience !

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