Year 1 Blog- Friday 14th June 2024

Date: 14th Jun 2024 @ 11:36am

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Welcome to your Friday blog.

Home Practice

Phonics - aw words OR kn words (n sound) OR u_e words

Counting - See if you can measure different objects around your house, count in 2s, 5s and 10s on the ruler/measuring tape whilst doing so!

Reading - Please try to read each night, it makes a big difference!



We continued our learning through the stories of Katie Morag. We wrote sentences about what mischief she got up to wth her big boy cousins.

Some of us also predicted the games that Katie Morag and her cousins could play next.

We are really trying hard to learn to spell more words correctly.



This week some of us have been revising aw as in prawn and or as in thorn. We have also been revising all the split digraphs.

Some of us have been learning the different zh spellings: s in treasure and si in vision. We have also learnt the n spellings: kn in knew and gn in gnome.

We all completed our phonic screen.


We have been learning how to measure with rulers and metre sticks. 

We have been completing assessments this week.


We have been learning how to be a good neighbour to everyone in the world. We learnt about a little girl called Marie-Doriane who lives in Rwanda. We compared our lives to hers and talked about how we could help poorer countries.

We also were lucky to have Mrs Wilson come into class to teach us about the special jobs that she has in our Church. We quickly realised that she is a very good neighbour as she helps so many people (especially Father Michael!)


Some of us compared different famous explorers. We read about Neil Armstrong, Ibn Battuta, Charles Darwin, Sir Edmund Hillary and Sylvia Earle. We talked about how they all explored different places (some quite dangerous) and explained why they might have wanted to explore that place.


We have been learning how to look after our environment. We made a whole class poster teaching others how to look after our world and then we talked about how we can make a difference, focusing on recycling. We sorted objects into recycling bins on Seesaw.

Forest School

We started our session with a colour hunt. We had to find something in the nature area which most closely matched the colour of our card. We found logs, leaves, bark and petals. Then we decided on our own learning. We made some delicious food in the mud kitchen, practised tying knots and climbed trees. We showed superb co-operation, teamwork, imagination and creativity.

In our session we learnt how to use gardening tools safely. Mrs Corbett made a fire and we were so excited to see and hear the popcorn pop! Some of us had a go at lighting a fire with the flint and steel.


Lois from West End in schools theatre company came to teach us a dance all about the Olympics. We learnt it so quickly! Lois was impressed with all our sporty dance moves.

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