Reception Blog - Friday 7th June 2024

Date: 6th Jun 2024 @ 4:18pm

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This week Mrs Stone's group have been revisiting the oi and ow sounds. Mrs Robinson's groups have been revisiting the tri-graphs air, ur and ear. Mrs Cliffe's group have been revisiting our phase 3 digraphs and tricky words.

Drawing Club

We have been watching clips from the TV show Wacky Races. We have loved this!

We have designed our own wacky car and refilling station and we have written about them.


This week we have been investigating the numbers 18 and 19 in more detail. 


This week we have been learning about being a good neighbour, which is one of the ten commandments.

We talked about what a good neighbour is and how we can be one.

We also sorted some pictures of how we can be a good neighbour with others.


This half term we will be focussing on transition from the end of Reception to Year 1.

This week we talked about our time in Reception. We  talked about what we remembered and looked at pictures and videos on seesaw.

Physical Development

We  started our PE unit of dance.

We have all been moving as different animals, exploring the bottom, middle and top space and travelling to music.

Understanding the World

To start our new topic, we discussed what vehicles are. We then went onto our school car park and made a tally chart of the different vehicles that we saw coming past school.

We also started a new topic about London. We looked at a map of the UK and found where London is. We shared what we know about London now.

*If you have anything London related at home or you have been to London, please feel free to send them in with your child for our interests table.

Expressive Art and Design

We made a special card for next weekend, but it is a secret, we will bring it home next week!

Forest School

We went for a walk to look at all the different types of grasses and flowers growing. We picked a few and made a piece of natural art by weaving through card. We were so focused on our weaving and we concentrated really hard. 

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