Year 5 Retreat Day with Animate Youth Team at Lowe House

Year 5 spent a day with the youth team Animate at Lowe House in St Helens.

The Day Retreat began with a few games and icebreakers for the children to get to know each other and the members of the Animate team they were working with.

These fed into an explanation on the theme for the day which was ‘Love thy neighbour’ and how it will be explored throughout the day.

The main part of the day included a variety of activities from watching film clips, making and creating boxes using craft items which the teams had to ‘buy’ from the Animate team member, then sell them back to make ‘profit’ for their team. The activities were designed to encourage the children to work together and appreciate the gifts of the other members of their groups.

The day was concluded with a time of prayer and meditative reflection on the day’s activities.

A big thanks to the Animate team Sarah, Dom and Tom  for keeping the children engaged and involved in the activities , they had a great day!

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