Helping your child become a great reader.



Reading at Home

This powerpoint and leaflet will hopefully give you some insight into the way we develop reading skills with your child. There is no substitute for reading every day with your child as this will reap rewards ten fold! Enjoy 10-20  mins every day reading with and to your child as well as letting them practise their new reading skills with newly learnt words, sounds or confident expression!

As your child gets older take a real interest in their reading choices and visit the library as much as possible. Your child will never be bored if they love reading!!

At St Oswald’s we celebrate reading every week in Golden Assembly with our Bookworm Awards. Throughout the year every class enjoys  high quality novels which are read as a class. Michael Morpurgo and Roald Dahl deliberately feature in every year group as the quality of the vocabulary and the impact of the storytelling is overwhelming as well as  providing the children with great models for their own writing.

Our Library was opened in 2011 by the author Shoo Rayner. We currently have a stock of over 3,000 books and the children are all encouraged to visit the library every 2 weeks. Throughout the year we celebrate reading with Book Weeks, World Book Day and author visits. Andrew Norris, Shoo Rayner, Ian Bland and Paul Cookson have been recent visitors- Wow!

We are often asked to recommend books for different age groups. The following website is useful as well as your local library.