About Us


Our Mission Statement

With Christ at the centre of our community, our mission is to live, love and learn as Jesus taught us.

We are very proud of our school and the achievements of all the pupils. We have incredibly  talented sports stars, a wealth of musical talent as well as brilliant artists and dancers!Our pupils move on with great confidence to our outstanding partner high school, All Hallows and continue to thrive in their learning.

We aim to give every child a fantastic learning journey during their time with us. A journey full of experiences and challenges which inspires them to have a go at everything and never be afraid to try, even if it looks tricky. Resilient learners are the best learners!

 Our Staff Team – September 2018

Mrs B Wood Headteacher
Mrs A Tipping Year 6 Class Teacher 
Mr J Mears Year 5 Class Teacher (Acting Assistant Headteacher)
Mr R Ingram Year 5 Class Teacher
Mrs C Winter Year 4 Class Teacher
Mrs S Quilliam Year 3 – Year 6 Teacher
Miss R Smith Year 3 Class Teacher
Mrs B Sullivan Year 3 – Year 6 Teacher
Mr J Campbell Year 2 Class Teacher
Miss T Lever Year 2 Class Teacher
Miss M Gravili Year 1 Class Teacher
Miss Y Bennison Year 1 Class Teacher
Mrs A Maguire-Dorr Year 1 & Year 2 Teacher
Mrs J Corbett Foundation Stage Class Teacher
Miss C Collinson Foundation Stage Class Teacher
 Mrs A Powell  Music / French Teacher 
Mrs A Jones Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Wilson Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Cliffe Teaching Assistant
Mrs G Woof Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Little Teaching Assistant
Mrs J Anderson Teaching Assistant
Miss G Hodson Teaching Assistant
Mrs W Deighton Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Briggs Teaching Assistant
 Mrs H Cookson Sports Coach
Mrs W Deighton Welfare Assistant
Mrs J Anderson Welfare Assistant
Mrs G Woof Welfare Assistant
Mrs L Little Welfare Assistant
Mrs J Wilson Welfare Assistant
Mrs E Orford Welfare Assistant
Mrs A Mulgrew  Welfare Assistant
Mrs C Speight Unit Catering Manager
Miss D Davison Catering Assistant
Ms S Pugh Catering Assistant
Mrs E Brennand Catering Assistant
Mrs W Rothwell Business Manager
Mrs L Little Finance Assistant
Mr B Tindsley Site Supervisor
Mrs J Welsh Cleaner
Mrs G Woof Early Birds Breakfast Club