The PTFA at St Oswald’s do a fantastic job organising great events throughout the year to raise funds. Over the last few years the school has managed to purchase over 100 laptops for the children to use throughout Key Stage 2, thanks to the PTFA.

The new School Library was stocked with over 2,000 lovely books, thanks to all the money raised by the PTFA.

Every classroom has interactive whiteboards and the School Hall was equipped with a huge screen and projector, thanks to the support from the PTFA.

The PTFA recently bought 20 new laptops for Y2.How fantastic is that! They recently purchased a play hut and huge planters for the Wildlife Area to help us make the most of our outdoor curriculum.We were also able to purchase 12 i-pads and apple TV for every classroom thanks to the PTFAs hard work!

In 2014-2015 the PTFA have raised funds to enable school to purchase an additional 32 i-pads, another 28 laptops, 4 new Interactive whiteboards for Key Stage 2 and an outdoor classroom. How fantastic is that for all our pupils!

During 2015-2016 the PTFA raised funds for our new sports shed as well as subsidising our new playground running tracks and playground equipment so all the children could enjoy active playtimes!

This year,2016-2017, we want to replenish reading books and our class libraries! It would be great if we could also buy a new set of laptops for Y5/Y6


2016-2017 Committee

Chair  Sharon Orford

Vice Chair  Alison Ridgeway

Treasurer  Mike Lawler

Secretary  Helen Beresford

Everyone is invited along to any of the meetings.

Coming up …

Next meeting Tuesday 26th September 7pm in school. All welcome!













PTFA Summer Fayre 2017 Flyer!

Lots of info regarding our biggest fundraiser of the year! Thank you for your continued support.